books-2596809_1920 copyWords have power. 

Used well, they can inspire, inform, and entertain.

Written text is vital to successful communication. String together a few well-chosen words, and you evoke emotion. A few more, and you build a story. Whether it’s an epic, multi-generational saga, a product website, or a piece of marketing copy, this story—your story—deserves to be clearly and effectively communicated; it should be well-organized, appropriate for your audience, and uniquely you.

That’s where I come in. As an experienced freelance writer and editor with varied interests and skills, I can give your words the impact you’re looking for, while maintaining your objectives and your voice.

It’s about understanding your goals and helping you achieve them.

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My goal is to help you give voice to your ideas—to make your words as powerful as they can be.

My name is Michelle Woodvine and I am the Toronto-based writer and editor behind WoodvineWrites.

Tips & Tricks: Whether you’re looking for information or inspiration, visit the Resources section (located in the footer below) for a curated list of helpful websites!

And for a peek at what I’ve been reading, don’t miss #TheBookshelf!

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