Words have power.

Used well, they inspire, inform, and entertain. From novels to marketing copy, commercial packaging to social media posts, knitting patterns to cookbooks, well-written text is vital to successful communication.

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String together a few well-chosen words, and you evoke emotion. A few more, and you build a story. Whether it’s an epic, multi-generational saga, or a children’s picture book, this story—your story—deserves to be clearly and effectively communicated; it should be well-organized, appropriate for your audience, and uniquely you.

That’s where I come in. As an experienced freelance writer and editor with varied interests and skills, I can give your words the impact you’re looking for, while maintaining your objectives and your voice.

It’s about understanding your goals and helping you achieve them.

I work with authors, STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) professionals, designers, artists, and corporate executives to create stories with impact.

My goal is to help you give voice to your ideas—to make your words as powerful as they can be.

My name is Michelle Woodvine and I am the Toronto-based writer and editor behind WoodvineWrites.


Michelle Woodvine

Born in the UK and raised in the Caribbean, I grew up with my nose in a book and a love of learning that led me to the University of Toronto, where I earned undergraduate and graduate degrees in science.

Then life yelled “Plot twist!” and I traded the cloistered halls of academia for the hustle of corporate life. I started out as receptionist for an IT startup, and worked my way up through facilities management, sales, marketing, and business development—eventually becoming Client Services Manager for the education division of a national financial services firm.

When I left the corporate world to raise my children, it wasn’t long before I was writing and editing for friends, family, neighbours—even the local school…and WoodvineWrites was born.

As a freelance writer and editor with a diverse career background, I am experienced in the complexities of corporate, tech, and academic environments.

My goal is to understand your needs and work with you to craft the perfect solution for your project.

I’m a proud member of Editors Canada, Sisters in Crime, and the Toronto Romance Writers.

When I’m not wordsmithing for others, you’ll find me working on my YA sci-fi trilogy, making music, being crafty, enjoying a good story, or—my favourite—goofing around with my kids.

Tips & Tricks: Check out the Resources section, in the footer below, for a curated list of helpful links for writers, editors and productivity junkies.

And don’t miss my monthly #thebookshelf post for a peek at what I’m reading!

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