Let’s get started!

First, I recommend that you visit my writing and editing pages to get an idea of the types of writing and editing that I offer.

Next, once you have an idea of what service you need, contact me at woodvinewrites@yahoo.com, and let’s chat about your project–what it is, what you need it to be, your timeline, and your budget. If it’s an editing project, I will ask for a representative sample (for example, the first chapter and a middle chapter from a novel). If it’s a writing/creative project, I will ask for an outline of the goals/themes of the project and we’ll talk about source materials, resources, budget, and timeframes.

No nasty surprises

Once I have all the information I need, I analyze your project goals, budget and timeline to create a fee estimate.

Q. Why an estimate?

Because projects are not static. They can pivot and flex, becoming more (or less) complex. You might decide that you want a different level of editing or you want to add to/alter a writing project. A project might be smoother sailing–or in rougher waters–than it originally seemed. Whatever the case, communication is key. I will always keep you informed of possible changes to your estimate.

Edits include an Editor’s Memo and a Style Sheet (if applicable). Follow-up edits on the same project may be eligible for a reduced fee.

A word about sample edits

For book-length manuscripts, sample edits are a great way for me to get an idea of what your project is like and help me estimate the fee and timeline for the work. They also give you some peace of mind about the kind of work you will be getting.

I charge a fee for sample edits/proofs, but if within 30 days you decide that you would like to have me edit/proof the full-length project (the same project) then the fee for the sample edit is deducted from your full fee.

Fee Guide

Q. Why a range of fees?

Fees and fee structures (hourly vs. per word) will vary based on what kind of writing you need or what level of editing you’re looking for. For example, projects requiring research, consulting, and/or multiple revisions are generally charged by the hour. Hourly fees are calculated to the nearest quarter-hour. For complex projects, I can provide a single project fee estimate that includes multiple services.

My goal is to make your words–your ideas–the best that they can be!