“Michelle manages a social media feed for one of our client journals and we are absolutely delighted with her work. Her deft touch on Twitter has driven engagement, dramatically increased followers, and pushed the important content without raising controversy––not a trivial accomplishment. She also writes blog posts for our clients and her writing is clear, friendly, and concise without being terse. Moreover, she writes on a broad range of topics––from plant molecular biology to fiber arts––we have yet to come across a project she couldn’t excel at.”

Jennifer Mach, Plant Editors/Peridot Scientific Communications


“Michelle is a unicorn. She’s a skilled and versatile writer, capable of crafting exactly what you need, whether it’s a friendly interview, a probing investigation, or a deep and nerdy dive into a technical aspect of art or craft. But it’s not just that: Michelle delivers clean copy, to specification, on time. She’s an absolute joy to work with, and we’re not entirely sure how we’d manage to run our publication without her.”

Kate Atherley and Kim Werker, Digits&Threads Magazine/NineTen Publications


“We appreciate Michelle’s responsiveness, clean writing, and flexibility. Her overall positive tone makes her a pleasure to work with!”

Plant Editors/Peridot Scientific Communications


“We are a financial services organization currently building our own financial planning software. We have used Michelle’s expertise to help us write the software User Manual, the document that our Advisors will use to navigate the software. Michelle’s ability to wordsmith our industry’s complex information into useful communication that a new Advisor would easily understand, is invaluable. In addition, she created content, incorporated design changes, and made layout improvements to the Manual, making it more appealing to the reader.

We highly recommend Michelle and the many skill sets she brings to the table, and look forward to continuing our collaboration together as we add more content to the manual.”

Marianna Paltanen, CFP, Business Analyst, T.E. Wealth


“I very much enjoyed working with Michelle as my editor. Giving my material to anyone to potentially change, was unnerving. I didn’t want to lose control of it. I soon learned that what Michelle put forward was both in the form of a suggestion and came with an explanation. Most importantly, her recommendations were to round out the material but at no point did she ever change my voice. Instead, she edited the material through my lens, as a writer and made impactful suggestions. In fact, once I’ve completed updating from her edits, I intend to hire her again to polish the final version. Her style is gentle, informed and precise, which made Michelle very easy to work with. I’d highly recommend her.”

Janis Boase, Writer


“Michelle Woodvine worked for our financial services organization on a number of initiatives. She helped write technical manuals and organized us through a messy auditing project. I was completely satisfied with her editing and organizing—which was thorough and effective. She improved the readability, clarified items without changing their meaning and helped us to organize a challenging project (creating a thoughtful, themed based matrix to help us map out the project). I have no hesitation in recommending her editing and organizing service. She is not only reasonably priced but also friendly and very responsive to work with.”

Connie Cooper, Vice President, Consulting Group, T.E. Wealth


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